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I wish to inherit from a set of classes contained in a boost mpl::vector. Is this possible?

Specifically, I wish to extend test for arbitrary many template parameters, passed as a mpl::vector.

template<class T>
struct Slice
  virtual void foo(T v) const = 0;

struct A{};
struct B{};

template <class T1, class T2>
struct test : public Slice<T1>, public Slice<T2>
  void foo(T1 a) const {std::cout<<"A"<<std::endl;}
  void foo(T2 b) const {std::cout<<"B"<<std::endl;}

If I know there are only two parameters then I can simply write:

template <class mpl_vector_t >
struct test : public Slice<typename mpl::at<mpl_vector_t,mpl::int_<0> >::type >, 
          public Slice<typename mpl::at<mpl_vector_t,mpl::int_<1> >::type >
  typedef typename mpl::at<mpl_vector_t,mpl::int_<0> >::type T1;
  typedef typename mpl::at<mpl_vector_t,mpl::int_<1> >::type T2;

  void foo(T1 a) const {std::cout<<"A"<<std::endl;}
  void foo(T2 b) const {std::cout<<"B"<<std::endl;}

Is is possible to do this for an arbitrary mpl::vector?

My test program looks like so:

main  (int ac, char **av)
  A a;
  B b;
  // test<A,B> t; //original
  test<mpl::vector<A,B> > t;  //mpl::vector with 2 elements
  Slice<A>* Sa = &t;
  Slice<B>* Sb = &t;
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interface inheritance, single inheritance, multiple inheritance, promiscuous inheritance :) If only the designers of ATL had had TMP/mpl :_) –  sehe Jun 20 '11 at 15:10
@sehe Nice, I will be adding "promiscuous inheritance" to my vocabulary :P –  AJG85 Jun 20 '11 at 15:20

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You want to use mpl::inherit_linearly

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