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I'm a newbie at this so I'll explain what I did so far:

  1. Open PackageMaker and drag my MyApp from /Applications into the left sidebar
  2. Changed the owner/group for MyApp to root/admin and rwxrwxr-x
  3. Created a postinstall shell script and selected it in the Scripts tab

So now, how do I add that executable (Adobe AIR Installer) that I want to run 1 time (on first install) only? Do I drag it into that left sidebar also? I tried doing that but it gives it a destination of /Applications, which I don't want. I want it extracted to a temp location, installed, and deleted. Also, how do I reference it from the shell script? Would I use the open command to run it? Hope this makes sense...

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You should be able to add it to your package resources folder, then run it using from your shell script:

open -a /path/to/the/air/installer.app
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Any tips to how to create a resources folder and script? –  Abdullah Jibaly Mar 16 '09 at 15:27

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