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I'm trying to implement a feature in a silverlight applicateion where the user can start typing a date in a DatePicker as soon the DatePicker control get focus, without having to delete the date already displayed in the control. My question is how can I select the displayed date in the DatePicker when the control receives focus, something like SelectAll() for a TextBox.

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you could derive from DatePicker and get a reference to its TextBox part in OnApplyTemplate(). Whenever the TextBoxes GotFocus event occurs just SelectAll() text in the TextBox. Like so:

public class SelectOnFocusDatePicker : DatePicker
    private DatePickerTextBox _TextBox;

    public override void OnApplyTemplate()
        _TextBox = (DatePickerTextBox)GetTemplateChild("PART_TextBox");
        if (_TextBox != null)
            _TextBox.GotFocus += (s, e) => _TextBox.SelectAll();


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