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I am upgrading a legacy Grails application and also upgrade the acegi plugin from 0.4 to 0.5.2. When I try to log into the application, I am getting a BadCredentialsException: with "User does not exist".

The user definitely exists in the database and the credentials are definitely correct. I don't know much about the acegi plugin but have been reading up and from what I understand there should not have been any upgrade issues. I am also upgrading Grails from 1.0.3 to 1.3.7 at the same time, so that could be related to. Any other ideas?

Thanks.[ Principal:; Password: [PROTECTED]; Authenticated: false; Details: RemoteIpAddress:; SessionId: 915D5CDB8F5A0AE07EC13F435FA66690; Not granted any authorities]
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BadCredentialsException means the password check failed. Looks like a misconfiguration of the password hashing algorithm - is the algorithm attribute set correctly?

The default is

algorithm = 'SHA'

but it should be overridden in your SecurityConfig.groovy if you use a different approach.

btw - you should be upgrading to :)

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