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Can I believe that, I can develop an app with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and then compile it with PhoneGap for Android, iOS and Win Phone 7?

Does this work?

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I ask, if that is sure that when i develp a Web App (HTML5) that PhoneGap creates me Apps for Android and iOs, ... –  alex Jun 20 '11 at 16:57

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PhoneGap's platform support is quite well documented:

For the most part, yes ... though the individual feature support is still coming up in some platforms. edit: previously this mentioned that windows phone wasn't supported yet, this is now a fully supported platform :-) http://phonegap.com/2011/12/20/phonegap-for-windows-phone-getting-started/

As far as how to create the packages for each individual platform, by default if doing things locally you'll have to integrate the phonegap bits into a project and compile it using that platform's build tools manually. However, they are working on a service called PhoneGap Build that will automatically create packages for each platform on your behalf:

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For readers from the future, full Windows Phone 7 support in PhoneGap is working now.

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Windows Phone 7 support will, hopefully, come later this year. ;)

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Yes, it does and you should check out their PhoneGap Build which is a cloud offering. It's an open source product and the available technical documentation is currently growing.

Here's a primer on the topic.


Jan - March 2012 will see more books published by various authors. There's an in-depth book being published in March 2012 so stay tuned for more learning sources.

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phonegap works -> like a HTML file run on browser's phone.. but toolbar browser not show, because phonegap use webkit the browser,so you can create a Android, Windows phone,IPhone app using html,css, js.. for complete documentation visit in phonegap.com

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Answer is yes it does work. Also you could use Xamarin

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