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basically what I want to do is forward people to a download link once they either 'like' my page on Facebook or post a link of the page to their profile (whatever is easier) and something similar for Twitter.

I have seen some bands do this when promoting a free download — to download the new song you must post this to your profile etc.

Anybody know how I could go about this? (This isn't a 'can you do it for me' question, I just need a point in the right direction regarding API's or any examples)


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Look at the edge.create event in Facebook javascript SDK. This hits after you've liked something.
You can also create a Facebook app and check the likes of a Facebook user with their permission on the server side using FQL (user_likes).

You can create a Twitter app and read the last few tweets to check if there is a tweet containing your text/link/whatever programatically.

Notice that all of these can be deleted easily after you've redirected them. You cannot avoid that.

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This Page has the like button attributes. Look under FAQ and you will see "How do I know when a user clicks a Like button?"

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