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I am new to Python and currently have to write a python program/script to be integrated inside PHP. Basically I have one stand-alone python program that will be executed through CRONTAB that grabs data from a remote device and exports the data to an XML file. I also have to write another python program/script to be include inside PHP to read the XML and echo/print the data onto the screen. So my question is that

  1. What is the difference between python program and script? Given my python program, I included #!/usr/bin/env python at the beginning of the file but I still cant execute it using ./

  2. How to include and run a python program/script inside the PHP file? Inside the python script, how to output the data using the same manner as echo in PHP? The include part in my PHP is:

    <td><p><img src="img/today.gif" alt="today" width="180" height="40" /></p>
        <?php include "monthphotos.php"; ?>
        <?php include "todayatcpp/index.php"; ?>

I am new to beginner programmer so some of my questions can be obscure. Sorry!

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The only way you can run a python script inside of a PHP script is to use the exec call. With that you will be able to capture the output from the python script and be able to use it in PHP.

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Is there any way to "include" the script? Or the only way to do it is to exec the script? –  Noobie Jun 20 '11 at 17:53
The only way is to exec the script. Trying to include it would cause PHP to try to parse it as PHP, which wont work. –  datasage Jun 20 '11 at 17:57

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