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Mongo supports arrays of documents inside documents. For example, something like

{_id: 10, "coll": [1, 2, 3] }

Now, imagine I wanted to insert an arbitrary value at an arbitrary index

{_id: 10, "coll": [1, {name: 'new val'}, 2, 3] }

I know you can update values in place with $ and $set, but nothing for insertion. it kind of sucks to have to replace the entire array just for inserting at a specific index.

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There is no way to do this currently in mongodb, you can create jira ticket for this.


Such ticket exists currently in mongodb jira: ticket

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This feature only makes sense if you have just one process updating the field.. What if two concurrent processes want to insert at the same place.. or even different place? One of these won't find the inserted value at the place they expect to be. –  Karoly Horvath Jun 20 '11 at 19:34
@yi_H: We have an array of documents that represent a custom form builder. Users are able to add new entries, and reorder existing ones. I thought that mongo arrays would be a great match for that, but it seems like they are a bit less full featured then I thought it would be. –  Matt Briggs Jun 20 '11 at 22:59

Regarding your comment:

Well.. with concurrent users this is going to be problematic with any database...

What I would do is the following: Add a last modified timestamp to the document. Load the document, let the user modify it and use the timstamp as a filter when you update the document and also update the timestamp in one step. If it updates 0 documents you know it was modified in the meantime and you can ask the user to reload it.

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The following will do the trick:

var insertPosition = 1;
var newItem = {name: 'new val'};

db.myCollection.find({_id: 10}).forEach(function(item)
    item.coll = item.coll.slice(0, insertPosition).concat(newItem, item.coll.slice(insertPosition));

If the insertPosition is variable (i.e., you don't know exactly where you want to insert it, but you know you want to insert it after the item with name = "foo", just add a for() loop before the item.coll = assignment to find the insertPosition (and add 1 to it, since you want to insert it AFTER name = "foo".

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Starting with version 2.6 you finally can do this. You have to use $position operator. For your particular example:

  { _id: 10},
  { $push: {
     coll: {
       $each: [ {name: 'new val'} ],
       $position: 1
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Using the $position operator this can be done starting from version 2.5.3.

It must be used with the $each operator. From the documentation:

db.collection.update( <query>,
                  { $push: {
                              <field>: {
                                         $each: [ <value1>, <value2>, ... ],
                                         $position: <num>
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Handy answer (not selected answer, but highest rated) from this similar post: can you have mongo $push prepend instead of append?

utilizes $set to insert 3 at the first position in an array, called "array". Sample from related answer by Sergey Nikitin:

db.test.update({"_id" : ObjectId("513ad0f8afdfe1e6736e49eb")}, 
                 {'$set': {'array.-1':     3}})
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