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I have an annoying feed which I would like to do some url corrections in order to see inside newsfox bigger images.

Is it possible to configure a greasmonkey to load and be triggered when I view a post inside newsfox reader ?

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You currently cannot run GM scripts on Newsfox pages, because Newsfox opens in a chrome URI (chrome://newsfox/ ...).

I'm not going to install Newsfox to see, but if it happens to load a page's content into an iFrame, then any scripts written for that page will usually fire on the iFramed content.

Information Current as of GM 0.9.5 and FF 4.0.1, but is not likely to change soon.

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NewsFox puts article content into a frame with URL about:blank. You can try creating a GreaseMonkey script that will run on about:blank pages but I am all but sure that it will work.

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