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I am a programmer temporarily tasked with the duties of a DBA at our firm. I need to create a User Id(or a role) that will have read-only access to EVERYTHING on the production SQL Server 2008.

This user should have read-only access to all DBs on this machine. That includes being able to view data, schema, scripts, stored procedures, functions, table design, linked servers, SQL Server Agent jobs, User IDs , Logins etc.


However, it should NOT be able to MODIFY OR CREATE any of these.

I have managed to achieve most, but am unable to get read-only access to Linked servers, SQL Server Agent jobs, User IDs , Logins.

Is there any role(s) that will give me read-only access to EVERYTHING ?

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Managed to get the ability to view all logins.

GRANT VIEW ANY DEFINITION TO <Read-Only-User-Who-Sees-Everything>

Managed to get the ability to view all jobs on SQL Server Agent:

EXEC sp_addrolemember 'SQLAgentReaderRole', '<ReadOnly-User-Who-Sees-Everything>' 

Managed to get ability to view properties of Linked Server. Well the properties window is still blank, but the following SQL statements do the trick for now.

select * from sys.linked_logins 
select * from sys.servers 
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