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I am in the process of converting my existing test scripts that function fine on Firefox 3.6 to work on firefox 4.0. I've noticed a significant number of syntax changes but the one that is plaguing me at the moment is using verify_contains('text').

The same test that functions fine on firefox 3.6 throws the following error on firefox 4.0 when I use the watir-webdriver

test_060contactmgmt(Test_contact_mgmt): NoMethodError: undefined method `verify_contains' for #.

If this helps any, I ran a gem update and I am using Netbeans IDE 6.9.1.

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It looks like that method has been deprecated in watir-webdriver; for more information have a look at this page Comparison with Watir 1.X at GitHub for the project.

You could always extend the class in your own code to include your own version of the method, I have done this to cover some of the missing methods in my test script after converting them from Watir.

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