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Normally, I use RCS in cygwin emacs (version 23.3.1 from 2011) and the status bar shows

and allows me to check-in and check out files. I just downloaded the latest native XEmacs for Windows (21.4.22 from jan 2009) and noticed that my current RCS data isn't triggering any RCS mode in it. The status shown is
Raw-----XEmacs: filename.sh
. Everything is fine when I open it back in cygwin emacs.

During installation, I noticed only "VC-RCS" as an RCS option, but not the old standard RCS. I take it either it never worked on xemacs, or they've made a change to xemacs alone that I was totally unaware of, since I haven't used it in years.

How can one get plain old RCS support in xemacs?

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