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I am working on my "first" MVC 3 application and am stumped by the following issue. Basically I have a Contact form that gathers input and saves to the db. On a page listing all Contact submissions, I want the user (this will be Admin role in the future) to be able to select a single Contact from the Contact list page and click "Make Client" to call my ClientController and convert this Contact into a Client. The ClientController page also has a Create() method to enter a new Client record from scratch, so to avoid complexity in that method, I am attempting to create a "Make" action that accepts a contactID as a parameter.

I have the following code on the Contact List page:

@Html.ActionLink("Make Client", "Make", "Client", new { id = item.ID }, null)

With the client controller appearing as thus:

    public ActionResult Create()
        return View(new Client());

    // GET: /Make
    //  used for converting a Contact record into a Client
    public ActionResult Make(int contactID)
            var contactModel = _db.Contacts.Single(r => r.ID == contactID);

            var clientModel = new Client()
                FirstName = contactModel.FirstName,
                LastName = contactModel.LastName,
                <snip> . . . ,
                ZipCode = contactModel.ZipCode

            return View(new Client(clientModel));
        catch (Exception ex)

            base.ViewData["Exception"] = "Exception: " + ex.InnerException.ToString();

The problem is that the contactID received in Make(int contactID) is always null. I have been able to tweak some things to get the following to work by calling the standard Create() ActionResult with a nullable int parameter, but this feels hokey:

    public ActionResult Create(int? id)
        if (id == null)
            return View(new Client());
            return (Make(id));

The bottom line is that I can call this Create() ActionResult the parameter is not null, but when I call Make() directly, the parameter is not passed along. Is there something special about Create() that makes this work?

Thanks, and I am open to other alternatives as well.

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The action argument of the Make action is called contactID, so when generating the link to this action use this name:

    "Make Client", 
    new { contactid = item.ID }, 

This will successfully pass the correct value as argument when invoking the Make action. So you no longer need the tweak in the Create action.

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Doh! Thanks, that did the trick. I guess I didn't realize that the parameter passing was so literal as to names. I also needed to change the return to call the create View, now correctly populated with the default values from the Contact. return View("Create",new Client(clientModel)); –  djmarquette Jun 21 '11 at 0:16
Guess I need to figure out how to properly format comments also.<code>return View("Create",new Client(clientModel));</code> –  djmarquette Jun 21 '11 at 0:47
Last comment - and a better solution. I just changed the parameter name that Make expected to now have <code>Make(int id)</code>. Now the url is Client/Make/2 rather than ?contactID=2 –  djmarquette Jun 21 '11 at 1:10

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