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public class BatchProcess
        public string process { get; set; }
        public DateTime runtime { get; set; }
        public bool running { get; set; }

So I have a list of these guys - List<BatchProcess> list.

How would I sort based one each of those columns? I've heard I can do it with LINQ but I'm so bad with LINQ. How would that look?


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You could sort by runtime, for example, via:

var orderedByRuntime = list.OrderBy(p => p.runtime);

If you wanted to sort by "process" in descending order, you can use:

var orderedByProcessDesc = list.OrderByDecending(p => p.process);
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Here's an example of using LINQ (lambda syntax) to create a list that's sorted by process.

var listByProcess = list.OrderBy(bp => bp.process);
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Use OrderBy:

var sortedList = list.OrderBy(p => p.runtime).ToList();
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If you want to sort by all of them, as it seems this is what you are asking you can just do the following

var sorted = list.OrderBy(p => p.process).ThenBy(r => r.runtime);
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