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I have 2 List of String variables:

List<string> stringList1
List<string> stringList2 

where stringList2 is a subset of stringList1

now I want all the elements on stringList1 that aren't in stringList2

How do I achieve this using Linq?

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If you're doing this frequently with many items, consider using sets - instant big Oh improvement. –  delnan Jun 20 '11 at 21:11

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You want to use the Except extension method on IEnumerable<T>

var results = stringList1.Except(stringList2);
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Use this LINQ expression:

from string x in stringList1 where !stringList2.Contains(x) select x;

I'm sure there's a built in method, but that's the LINQ. (I don't have VC# with me right now...)

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