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When working with tfs (or other source control systems) there are many times when I have changes in source files that are related to different tasks (and may be checked in separately - whenever a specific task is complete). a similar issue is distinguishing between changes that should be checked in, and temporary changes that should be undone.

Is there method to annotate or mark the changes?


The Mercurial Queues feature presented by @nicolaskruchten appears to be just what i'm looking for. Is there a similar feature (or extension) for tfs?

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I'm not sure about TFS but in Mercurial there is the mq system, which lets you manage sets of changes as a queue of patches which you can work on separately. See here:

Other than that, in Git or other distributed VCS's (including Mercurial) you would usually just go ahead and make a branch or clone another repo, given how easy and common merging is.

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