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Sorry, just a very basic question on conditionals in PHP

If {}
elseif {}
else {}

If the if condition comes out to be true, will PHP still evaluate the elseif to see if that is true as well?

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Try it and see? My money's on "No." – Dan J Jun 20 '11 at 22:13
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No. (Basic answer for a basic question)

You can read about that in depth in the PHP Manual: elseif/else if, the first example is like yours.

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a simple answer like this can't get +13 lol xd – dynamic Jun 22 '11 at 10:01
I think people just like @hakre for the completeness of his / her answers. :) – moey Jan 5 '12 at 0:52

Not, it won't. It will just execute the if code, and then continue after the else.

In order to see it, you could check this:

if (true)
  echo "foo inside if"
else if (true)
  echo "foo inside else if"
   echo "foo inside else";

echo "\nfoo after else"

The above code will print:

   foo inside if
   foo after else

and not

   foo inside if
   foo inside else if
   foo after else
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Nope! Once a condition is met anywhere in an if/else block, PHP exits that block and moves on. For example, in this code:

if ($a <= 3) {
  echo "small";
elseif ($a <= 6) {
  echo "medium";
else {
  echo "large";

... if $a is 2, it will echo "small" because $a is <= 3, but not "medium", even though $a is also <= 6.

If you did want PHP to check subsequent conditions, you'd use multiple if statements instead. For example:

if ($b < 4) {
  echo "less than 4";
if ($b < 8) {
  echo "less than 8";

... would echo both "less than 4" and "less than 8" if $b were, say, 3.

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As others have already mentioned, no, it will not even test the elseif condition. This is also important for situations like the following:

$a = 1;

if ($a > 0) { }

else if (++$a > 0) { } // note the increment operator

else { }

echo $a; // produces 1

Any expressions that modify values as a byproduct of the condition test will not fire either.

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If the first if is true, the code will enter the if and then execute the code inside of there. Then it will exit past the else and continue on.

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No, it won't. After executing the if code, it will continue execution after the else.

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Not the case. As soon as the condition you specify is met in a if query, php will stop going forward with the process and will contiue on to the code that appears after the if query has been ended.

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