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I know to use CreateCDataSection to generate a CDATA node. However, is there any way to insert a CDATA string into my original string? Instead of having the whole node being enclosed by CDATA tag. Below is my code. Please advise, thanks.

var detail = new StringBuilder();
detail.AppendFormat("<![CDATA[<br />]]>another line: {0}", foo1);
detail.AppendFormat("<![CDATA[<br />]]>another line: {0}", foo2);
detail.AppendFormat("<![CDATA[<br />]]>another line: {0}", foo3);

var xmlOutput = new XElement("Detail",detail);
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Can you explain the question in detail. –  Mangesh Pimpalkar Jun 21 '11 at 2:47

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Instead of CDATA, use &lt; for the '<'.

detail.AppendFormat("&lt;br />another line: {0}", foo1);
detail.AppendFormat("&lt;br />another line: {0}", foo2);
detail.AppendFormat("&lt;br />another line: {0}", foo3);

var xmlOutput = new XElement("Detail", detail);
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I need to enclose <br/> with CDATA so that it will work with the API my program interactive with. –  Stan Jun 20 '11 at 23:44

are you looking for this.

        var br = new XCData("<br />");
        detail.AppendFormat("{0}another line: {1}", br, foo1);
        detail.AppendFormat("{0}another line: {1}", br, foo2);
        detail.AppendFormat("{0}another line: {1}", br, foo3);            
        var xmlOutput = new XElement("Detail", detail);
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This didn't work. It's doing same thing like my code. –  Stan Jun 21 '11 at 1:01

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