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I'm looking for a better solution than the one I currently have:

I have a textfield for which I read and right numbers in:

textStiffness.setText((""+stiffness).replaceAll(",", ""));


stiffness = Float.valueOf(s1.replaceAll(",", "")).floatValue();

and her you can see my problem and my work around: When I write a number over 999 it adds a "," sign that then can't be read by the Float.value(s) method.

any ideas ?


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No, I can't see your problem because you didn't post a SSCCE ( What does "writing a number" mean? When you type a number into a text it doesn't automatcally insert a comma. – camickr Jun 21 '11 at 3:49

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If I understood your needs, I think you should use a JFormattedTextField for a clean solution. Have a look at this tutorial .

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