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How can I find out if a certain element has another element as a child, and if it doesn't append a new one to it, and then return it?

I tried with:

var myel = ($('>', this).length > 0) ? $('>', this) : $(this).append('<div class="my"></div>').css('opacity', 0);

but even tho it creates my element if it doesn't exist, it doesn't return it..

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$(this).children('') is faster and easier to understand than $('>', this) – David Wick Jun 21 '11 at 2:14
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How about this?

var myel = $('>', this).length ? $('>', this) : $('<div class="my"></div>').css('opacity', 0).appendTo(this);
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smaller and more generic still: var $myel = $('div#myel').length ? $('div#myel') : $('<div id="myel">'); – cregox Mar 13 '15 at 10:31

This is how I would do it:

var myDivs = $('div.container').children('');
if(myDivs.length === 0){
    myDivs = $('<div class="my"></div>   ')
        .css('opacity', 0);     

My reasoning is that you only need to query the children once, so if there is a lot of children, this will save some time.

Also, if there is no children, then you create one, appendTo the container, perform css and then return it.

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Similar to Alastair's method, but using filters:

  $('<div class="my"></div>')
    .css('opacity', 0);
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