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So started developing an app with Silverlight. I am learning very quickly it is not like anything I am used to. The problem now because Silverlight is so new and fresh I am kind of lost in terms of books to or guides to read. www.silverlight.net is nifty but I feel like it is an ad for Silverlight as it is an actual tool. This is a really cool tool I am just a little lost as where to go next.

I guess what I am asking what do you use to learn Silverlight or what do you think I should use to learn Silverlight.

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Whats the question? –  Robert Levy Jun 21 '11 at 2:29
@Robert What is a good book/ tool to use to learn Silverlight –  Joe Tyman Jun 21 '11 at 2:31

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Silverlight 4 Unleashed is the best I've found by far. It starts by assuming you've got some level of knowledge of Silverlight already (that you can position controls on a page, etc), and if not gives you access to a free version of Silverlight 2 Unleashed online which covers these topics.

From there it gives you a really good feel for Dependency Properties, Binding and ways to structure your application (MVVM), along with tackling some more complex problems you might face.

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