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when I launch another UITabBarController in a LaunchView, the TTLauncherView is in the page in the original UITabBarController, the Dest Controller is another UITabBarController, but the Original UITabBarController's TabBar can't disappear.

So, in the UI, I have two TabBars, the Original TabBar in the Bottom, the second Dest Controller View display in the screen except the bottom tabbar.

This is not what I want. How to solve this problem to hide the Original TabBar and let the second Dest Controller to display Full Screen?

In the first Controller, I launch second controller by LauncherView button.

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You need to hide the tab bar view when pushing the new controller using

controller.hidesBottomBarWhenPushed = YES;

Take a look on this tutorial from three20 wiki, it explains on how to hide the tab bar when pushing another controller.


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