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Been looking around for a way to display only the current week and the next week in the month view for FullCalendar. So far it looks like it was suggested as a feature for an upcoming version, but in the meantime, has anyone been able to hack it in?


Thanks to Doomsday's suggestion, I was able to create a custom view that shows 2 weeks, starting on the current week. You are changing the visible start date to today's date and changing the row count to 2.

function TwoWeeksView(element, calendar) {
var t = this;

// exports
t.render = render;

// imports, element, calendar, 'month');
var opt = t.opt;
var renderBasic = t.renderBasic;
var formatDate = calendar.formatDate;

function render(date, delta) {
    if (delta) {
        addMonths(date, delta);
    var start = cloneDate(date, true);
    var end = addMonths(cloneDate(start), 1);

    //var visStart = cloneDate(start);
    var visStart = date;

    var visEnd = cloneDate(end);
    var firstDay = opt('firstDay');
    var nwe = opt('weekends') ? 0 : 1;
    if (nwe) {
        skipWeekend(visEnd, -1, true);

    addDays(visStart, -((visStart.getDay() - Math.max(firstDay, nwe) + 7) % 7));
    addDays(visEnd, (7 - visEnd.getDay() + Math.max(firstDay, nwe)) % 7);
    var rowCnt = Math.round((visEnd - visStart) / (DAY_MS * 7));

    if (opt('weekMode') == 'fixed') {
        addDays(visEnd, (6 - rowCnt) * 7);
        //rowCnt = 6;
        rowCnt = 2;
    t.title = formatDate(start, opt('titleFormat'));
    t.start = start;
    t.end = end;
    t.visStart = visStart;
    t.visEnd = visEnd;
    renderBasic(6, rowCnt, nwe ? 5 : 7, true);
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Any chance you could create a jsFiddle of this solution? This is exactly what I'm trying to do right now but I can't get it to work. – Michael Oct 21 '11 at 15:17
@Michael I got this working for me. I needed this exact solution as well. This is probably a little late for you, but the big thing I noticed here is that the fcViews object was not updated with the twoweek view as to be available for use. You need to add: fcViews.twoweek = TweoweekView; function TwoweekView( element, calendar ) { – Eric Jan 25 '12 at 17:44
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The best solution is it to implement your custom view.

Put in a new JS your own defined view :

$.fullCalendar.views.twoweeks = TwoWeeksView;
function TwoWeeksView(element, calendar) {
    // copy code from fullcalendar.js line 1960
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You're absolutely right, but it's good to note that you'd need to add additional code if you want the arrows to skip to the next two weeks to work (or any other functionality over and above the just showing two weeks of the calendar.) That said, this is THE approach you need to use to create additional views for JqueryFullCalendar. Don't bother wasting your time using JQuery to manipulate the created calendar, as it's a complete shitshow. – Eric Jan 25 '12 at 17:48
this no longer works in v2.2.5+ – warath-coder Jan 14 '15 at 22:30
see the docs in newer versions for an easy way to do in the options – warath-coder Apr 21 '15 at 14:22

Answer will be to display two calendars, one with the current week, and another with the week after.

I suggest you to hack what I've done on this fiddle:

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Not really what I was going for. I need a month view that only shows 2 weeks, similar to how Basecamp does it on the dashboard. – roflwaffle Jun 21 '11 at 12:24
Sorry I didn't read "in the month view". See my another answer if it helps. – Doomsday Jun 21 '11 at 13:28

please see here for further information on this fullcalendar custom view

Jquery FullCalendar 2 week view Next prev buttons

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The proper answer for fullCalendar 2 is to modify the basicWeek view as explained in the documentation:

        views: {
            basicWeek: {
                type: 'basic',
                duration: {weeks: 2},
                rows: 2

There. Simple :)

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The latest version now makes it even easier (v2.2.6)

you can also checkout this git where there is a custom twoweek view, that moves 1 week (or whatever option it set to) at a time with the next/prev buttons.

edit: the gist seems to no longer work with other version of fullcalendar; but look at the docs for an easy week view setup via option values.

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where is that custom twoweek view you mentioned? – a deer Apr 20 '15 at 7:56
read the docs: – warath-coder Apr 21 '15 at 14:19

The newest version of fullCalendar (v2.1.0) introduces an option to do this:


Also to set the height of the calendar to automatically adapt to the number of weeks, use height: auto

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