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The Microsoft documentation refers to Visual C# as if its a programming language.( See this Visual C# Express homepage ) . Is the version use with Visual Express and other microsoft tools somehow different from the standard C# ? Whats the difference ?

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Visual C# is the microsoft development environment for C#. Visual C# is a subset of Visual Studio. The Express Editions are the free versions of VC#.

The express editions are limited in extensions you can install into the IDE, licenses for redistribution, etc. But the language itself is the same.

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There isn't a difference.

The Visual Express editions of Visual Studio a free, stripped down version of Visual Studio.

The languages, .NET versions all remain the same.

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John Gardner ist right. Visual C# is the development environment an C# the language itselft.

Thats confusing for beginners, because a lot of books have titles like "Visual C# 2010" or "C# 4.0". I also have seen a book which uses the title "Visual C# 4.0" which is weird.

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