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in class Person i have relation to class Position, and the class Position has a relation to class PositionTitle, and the PositionTitle has a property named Title

public class Person
   public Position Position{get;set;}

public class Position
   public PositionTitle PositionTitle{get;set;}

public class PositionTitle 
   public string Title{get;set;}

i have a string "Person.Position.PositionTitle.Title", how can i get this property of person with this string??

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You'll need to split the string by dots, and then use reflection to get each property by name. You can get the type of the property using PropertyInfo.PropertyType - then use that to fetch the next property in the chain. Something like this:

public object GetProperty(object source, string path)
    string[] bits = path.Split('.');
    Type type = source.GetType(); // Or pass this in
    object result = source;
    foreach (string bit in bits)
        PropertyInfo prop = type.GetProperty(bit);
        type = prop.PropertyType;
        result = prop.GetValue(result, null);
    return result;

You may well want to tweak this for binding flags etc, but it's the right basic idea.

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It's probable that you'll want to handle nulls, either by throwing an exception (so you get a NullReferenceException rather than a cryptic TargetException) or returning null as soon as you get one. –  Gabe Jun 21 '11 at 6:17
@Gabe: Yes, quite possibly. I include that in "etc" :) –  Jon Skeet Jun 21 '11 at 6:23

With using System.Reflection:

s = "Person.Position.PositionTitle.Title";

string[] split = s.Split(".");
int i = 0;

Type t = Type.GetType(split[0]);

object obj = null;

for (i=0; i < split.Count()-1; i++)
    PropertyInfo pi = t.getProperty(split[i+1]);
    pi.getValue(obj, null);
    t = pi.PropertyType();

result = (string)obj;
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