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I am making facebook application.Using graph api url ,created an album.It return me album id.I want to upload the image into it.for that I wrote like this access token&method=post&picture=D:\foldername\Image\file1.png&message=Google but does not post a photo into the album.I getting error. type": "OAuthException", "message": "(#324) Requires upload file".What does it mean?I have already given the file still why it is asking for it.

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possible duplicate of Facebook Photo Upload into Album on Fan Page failed – Juicy Scripter Apr 22 '12 at 10:15

I had the same problem when uploading an image when using cURL The issue was resolved after I put a @ infront of the file name. Perhaps it's the same issue you're facing.

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I would guess that you need to actually use the POST method. It appears that you are using a GET method, with "method=post" in the query string. This can't work, because providing the file patch is not a substitute for providing the file data, which a POST request would send.

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You can use the php sdk to upload a photo: please checkout for a demo and the code is on github @

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