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Im making my own little timepicker, calling it xxxtimepicker. Ill paste some code belowe, but the problem is that nothing happens. Any tips/tricks and help when making a addon that works like datepicker?


    var popupname = "timepickerpopup";

    function OpenWindow(parentObj) {

        var popup = $('<div id="'+popupname+'" style="">POPUP</div>');
        var offset = $(parentObj).offset(); += 20;

        $(popup).offset( offset );

        $("body").append('<script>$("#timepickerpopup").dialog({autoOpen: false});</script>');

    function CloseWindow() {


        xxxtimepicker: function() {

            var defaults = {
                varname: "val",
                var2name: "val"

            var options = $.extend(defaults, options);

            return this.each(function() {

                var o = options;
                var obj = $(this);

                obj.bind("focus", OpenWindow(this));
                obj.bind("blur", CloseWindow);



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Put functions OpenWindow() & CloseWindow() inside xxxtimepicker function. Tip: don't use global variables like popupname it creates problems for multiple xxxtimepicker on one page.

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