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Possible Duplicate:
Convert one date format into another in PHP

I want to convert the date format from a particular format to some other.

For example,

Convert the date from ( 2011-06-21 or 2011/06/21 or 06/21/2011 ) to 21062011.

Is there any function to do this job.

Thanks in advance.

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    date('dmY', strtotime('2011-06-21')),
    date('dmY', strtotime('2011/06/21')),
    date('dmY', strtotime('06/21/2011'))
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You should use the DateTime class.

$date = new DateTime('2011-06-21');
echo $date->format('dmY');

It can be used procedurally, if you wish.

    date_format(date_create('2011-06-21'), 'dmY'),
    date_format(date_create('2011/06/21'), 'dmY'),
    date_format(date_create('06/21/2011'), 'dmY')
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Hi you should be able to to use date combined with strtotime like so

$date; //the date that needs to be formatted
<?php date('dmY', strtotime($date)); ?>

So inside the date() function you simply format the date however you want the original date to be

php strtotime

Hope that helps

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Unfortunately dates are very locale specific. strtotime() does not observe all of the niceties of the locale (and date_parse is a simple wrapper around strtotime). e.g. today is 21/06/2011 in the UK, and 06/21/2011 in the US.

A more robust solution is to use the DateTime class and its createFromFormat method.

However, IME, unless you are sourcing the input data from a consistent machine generated source, a better solution is to use a tool which facilitates input in a consistent format

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