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I've tagged my controller with an authority annotation but would like to exempt one of the methods... can that be done? how?

public class ProductController : Controller
    public ActionResult Start(int it)
    { ... }
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No, this can't be done. The standard way to achieve this is to simply move the Start action out in a separate controller. Another possibility consists into building a custom IFilterProvider which will apply the authorization attribute conditionally instead of baking it manually into the ProductController. For example NInject uses this and provides a pretty fluent syntax into configuring action filters. You can conditionally apply them based on the current context.

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thanks for the straight answer. Will look into NInject... looks interesting. – ekkis Jun 23 '11 at 17:10

In MVC 4 was introduced AllowAnonymousAttribute which tells action invoker to skip AuthorizeAttribute.

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