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I have some data as

RowIdentifier   ID  RowID   Position    Data    Rn
1             1      1       a1          A1      1
2             1      2       a2          A2      1
3             1      3       a3          NULL    1
4             1      4       a3          A3      2
5             1      1       b1          B1      1
6             1      2       b2          NULL    1
7             1      3       b2          B2      2
8             1      4       b3          B3      1

The desired output being

ID  RowID  Position  Data
1     1     a1       A1
1     1     b1       B1
1     2     a2       A2
1     2     b2       B2
1     3     a3       A3
1     3     b3       B3

I need to eliminate those rows where the Positions are duplicate and whose data are null. i.e. in the example, in RowIdentifier 3 and 4, the value in Position column is a3 but the thired RowIdentifier record will not appear in the final output as it has null in Data column.

The ddl is as under

Declare @t table(RowIdentifier int identity,ID int,RowID int,Position varchar(10),Data varchar(10),Rn int)
    Insert into @t
    Select 1,1,'a1','A1',1 union all
    Select 1,2,'a2','A2',1 union all
    Select 1,3,'a3',null,1 union all
    Select 1,4,'a3','A3',2 union all
    Select 1,1,'b1','B1',1 union all
    Select 1,2,'b2',null,1 union all
    Select 1,3,'b2','B2',2 union all
    Select 1,4,'b3','B3',1 

    Select * from @t

My approach is as under

;with cte as(
Select ID,RowID,Position,Position as p2,Data,RowIdentifier from @t
union all
select c4.ID,c4.RowID,c4.Position,c5.Position , c4.Data,c4.RowIdentifier
from cte c5
join @t c4 on c4.Position = c5.Position
where c5.RowIdentifier < c4.RowIdentifier
 cte2 as(
 select * , rn = Row_Number() over(PARTITION by position order by RowIdentifier)
 from cte where Data is not null)

select ID,RowID,Position,Data from cte2 where rn =1

But not working as per the expected output. My output is

ID  RowID   Position    Data
1   1   a1  A1
1   2   a2  A2
1   4   a3  A3
1   1   b1  B1
1   3   b2  B2
1   4   b3  B3

Help needed


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You need a termination condition when you recursively call an CTE. I.e. WHERE something < somethingelse – Johan Jun 21 '11 at 7:52
I have updated my query but the output is not as expected though I am close... Will be thankful if u can point out the mistake in my query – aditi Jun 21 '11 at 8:02
Why do you want "RowID" to be unrelated to the original RowID? It should be a different column name and RowID shouldn't be in the output. It's misleading – gbn Jun 21 '11 at 8:13
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Try this code

    dense_rank() over(order by substring(data,2,len(data))*1) as rowid,
    data is not null
group by 
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It's a simple aggregate after a filter

   ID, RowID, POSITION, Data

This preserves RowID from the original dataset which would be more correct

3             1      3       a3          NULL    1
4             1      4       a3          A3      2   --take this row
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If I understand the question correctly, we only want to omit null values if there are already non-null values in the resultset with the same "Position" value – Tao Jun 21 '11 at 8:11
@Tao: no sample data for this case. Based on what we do know, one can reasonably assume that NULLs only happen where we have duplicates... – gbn Jun 21 '11 at 8:14

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