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I have created an admin controller that extends the blog controller (both are located in application/controller). However, when I tried to access the controller, it gives me an error that the blog controller was not found. If I put require_once(APPPATH.'controllers/blog.php'); inside the admin.php file it works. But I'm just wondering if there's another possible way to extends the blog controller without having to use require_once inside the admin.php

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From CI user guide

If you are extending the Controller core class, then be sure to extend your new class in your application controller's constructors.

class Welcome extends MY_Controller {

    function __construct()

    function index()


That means your Blog controller must extends CI_Controller


class MY_Blog extends CI_Controller {

    function hello() {
        $data = 'something';

class Admin extends MY_Blog {

    function do_something() {}


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