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I have data stored in this format in amazon simpledb

source     code            success
fa.php    987439aa           true
ga.php    aa84892            false

how do i wrtie this type of query in simpledb

select * from domain_name where source = 'fa.php'
and code='ANy thing' and success = 'true'

How do i write code part in the above query

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You can run this select query to achieve you result -

**select * from domain_name where source = 'fa.php' and code is not null and success = 'true'**

You can not add/update/delete data using Amazon simple DB query.

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Note: "is not null" has HORRIBLE performance in SimpleDB. Fine for small domains and/or infrequent queries, but expensive/painful to use too much... –  Scrappydog Jun 23 '11 at 14:41

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