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I have been using XCode for IPhone development since start. Out of curiosity, are there other IDEs available for IPhone development. If so, in what way are they better than XCode (if they are). Kindly help me learning with that IDE if there is any.


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You can try using tools provided by Adobe. Check this Link http://www.adobe.com/devnet/logged_in/abansod_iphone.html

But as Williham said XCode is the best way there is.

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There are no realistic alternatives to XCode for development using Cocoa or Cocoa Touch; i.e. applications targeting Mac OS X or iOS.

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My project manager used Mac's TextEdit to code a robust game, game framework and some libraries from scratch. The advantages of TextEdit: Load faster than xcode.

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There is AppCode by Jetbrains. Still in development, though.

Not really for me - but if you're a user of their other IDEs, then you might find it more comfortable than Xcode.

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