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I am maintaining a set of process diagrams in visio 2007. For viewing I save the files as HTML and publish them on a web server.

It works great but its a real pain to maintain (a paintain ;-).

I am looking for a way to do this as some kind of batch job, currently the process is:

  • open each file
  • file>save as web page
  • in the save as web page dialogue:
    • select location
    • publish > open new dialogue
    • change title (i dont mind if i have to miss that step)
    • select web page to insert it into (my template)
  • done

The tools I have availiable are:

  • Visual studio 2010 express (i prefer c# but whatever)
  • Visio 2007(i have another laptop with visio 2010 which i can use too but the source files will be 2007 - that's not changing for the moment)
  • Ruby - may be easier if it doesn't require office integration.

(BTW I know about process repository in OSS 2010 and i have tested it with visio 2010 web diagrams - that works and would probably be a better option for anyone who has the choice, though its not perfect)

(batch file or command line would also be cool but i have not found a way of saving as web page from command line)

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You can use Visio's COM interop API to do what you want (I think). I'd start by just recording a macro while manually doing the export, and then look at the VBA code that generates. You could then adapt that in C#, or VBScript/VB6 if you want something you can call with a command shell.

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brilliant thanks, i forgot about VBA too! –  gordatron Jun 21 '11 at 23:46

As Jon highlights, there's a whole API for using the SaveAsWeb functionality from code. I wrote a post about it a little while ago, which you can see here:


The post is VBA based but the .net version is very similar and there's also examples in the Visio 2010 SDK:


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