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I am using the live query plugin of jQuery to attach dynamic behavior to form elements and create ajax forms. The problem i am facing is as follows:

in the response to submit if I do not call livequery again on the elements, then the newly loaded form does not get the required behavior. However if I call livequery with submit again, then the form is submitted more than once.

Actually the count increases everytime. I tried using expire. But that does not help at all. Any comments as to how this can be achieved.

What I am trying to do is to create all forms with class js-ajax-form as a form which is submitted thru ajax. The resulting content is also a form which should retain the same behavior. That is it must be submitted thru ajax.

Would appreciate your guidance.

$.fn.fajaxform = function() {
        var container = null;
                function(e) {
                    var $this = $(this);
                    container = $this.parent();
                        beforeSubmit : function(formData, jqForm, options) {
                            $('input:file', jqForm[0]).each(function(i) {
                                if ($('input:file', jqForm[0]).eq(i).val()) {
                                    options['extraData'] = {
                                        'is_iframe_submit' : 1

                                message : '<h1><img src="/img/busy.gif" /> Loading please wait...</h1>'


                        success : function(responseText, statusText) {

                            redirect = responseText.split('*');
                            if (redirect[0] == 'redirect') {
                                location.href = redirect[1];
                            } else if ($this.metadata().container) {
                                $('.' + $this.metadata().container).html(

                            } else {

                                    if (this.expire)
                    return false;
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Just shooting from the hip here: Is the script included more then once? I've had issues with accidently loading the same script several times (using requireJS), where the events fired more then once.

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Yes the script is included only once, however one thing I have noticed as i mentioned above is that, since I am using livequery there should have been no need for me to call an explicit expire(). Livequery should have handled that. If I dont do what I am doing then the subsequently loaded form does not get ajax behavior if I do, then it is submitted multiple times. – user210504 Jun 21 '11 at 9:58

After upgrading to the latest version of jQuery the problem was solved. I think, .live could have been a better option to begin with, given livequery is not longer in active development.

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