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I'm trying to buy something at Paypal-Sandbox with Selenium RC (Java), but it doesn't work.

I tried it with Selenium IDE (Firefox AddOn) and it did work. I changed the viewing and copied the JUnit 4 Code and it still doesn't work.

The problem is the part with the radio-button "payment_type_paypal". Somehow it doesnt work in RC (the radio-button is not checked). Do someone have similiar experiences and/or resolved the issue?

After loging in to developer.paypal.com and entering the homepage...

//linking homepage




//leaving homepage and switching to paypal

selenium.click("payment_type_paypal"); // <===== point of error



Thx :)

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its me again. If you encounter problems with the Sandbox System of Paypal, you can overcome the "submit"-button issues using xpath.


Greetz Krzys

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its me againg, Krzys. I know now the Problem. Its an issue with focussing the correct frame. I couldn't get it work with Selenium RC.

You can easily fix the issue in Selenium WebDriver with the command, before my "point of error":

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