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I know how to tell Castle Windsor to resolve a reference from a factory's method using XML, but can I do it programmatically via the Container.AddComponent() interface? If not is there any other way to do it from code?

EDIT: There seems to be some confusion so let me clarify, I am looking for a way to do the following in code:

        type="Castle.Facilities.FactorySupport.FactorySupportFacility, Castle.MicroKernel"



        type="ConsoleApplication2.CustomerRepositoryFactory, ConsoleApplication2"

        service="ConsoleApplication2.ICustomerRepository, ConsoleApplication2"
        type="ConsoleApplication2.CustomerRepository, ConsoleApplication2"


(from this codebetter article on factory support in windsor and spring.net)

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Directly from the Unit Test FactorySupportTestCase (which are your friends):

	public void FactorySupport_UsingProxiedFactory_WorksFine()
		container.AddFacility("factories", new FactorySupportFacility());
		container.AddComponent("standard.interceptor", typeof(StandardInterceptor));
		container.AddComponent("factory", typeof(CalulcatorFactory));

		AddComponent("calculator", typeof(ICalcService), typeof(CalculatorService), "Create");

		ICalcService service = (ICalcService) container["calculator"];


	private void AddComponent(string key, Type service, Type type, string factoryMethod)
		MutableConfiguration config = new MutableConfiguration(key);
		config.Attributes["factoryId"] = "factory";
		config.Attributes["factoryCreate"] = factoryMethod;
		container.Kernel.ConfigurationStore.AddComponentConfiguration(key, config);
		container.Kernel.AddComponent(key, service, type);
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