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We have PageHeap enabled and are running adplus on our system and recently have had a couple of "corrupted infix pattern for freed block" failures.

Can someone shed some light on what this means, what it might look like in the code and suggest steps on how best to proceed with resolving the issue?

Tue Jun 21 10:55:26.091 2011 (GMT+1): VERIFIER STOP 0000000E: pid 0x1710: corrupted infix pattern for freed block 

    07751000 : Heap handle
0920A830 : Heap block
00000018 : Block size
0920A844 : corruption address
Tue Jun 21 10:55:26.091 2011 (GMT+1):      

This verifier stop is not continuable. Process will be terminated 
when you use the `go' debugger command.

--- 1st chance CONTRL_C_OR_Debug_Break exception ----
CTRL-C was pressed to stop debugging this process!
When PageHeap is in use this exception can be an internal exception

Many thanks Matt Peddlesden

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It is described pretty well in this MSDN Library article. Classic heap corruption bug, your code is writing to a heap block after it was freed. If the address repeats well then you can set a data breakpoint with the debugger to trap the write. If it doesn't then you'll need the tool between your ears to hunt the bug down.

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