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I have an xml I am using TouchXML to parse it. Basically, a Lookup looks like this:

                    <LookupName  />

When I do this, it returns all Lookup in the document:

NSArray *lookups = [[xmlDoc rootElement] nodesForXPath:@"//TestA:Lookup"

What I want to do is get all lookups whos LookupType is equal to Composition (string compare). So this is what's I have tried and it returns null:

NSArray *lookups = [[xmlDoc rootElement] nodesForXPath:@"//TestA:Lookup[LookupType=\"Composition\"]" 


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Does the XPath //TestA:Lookup[TestA:LookupType='Composition'] do what you want? If the parent element is in a namespace then its child too so I think you need a prefix on both elements in your path.

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Hey that worked! thanks. One last question: if i want to get LookupName rather than Lookup, how would I do it? Currently I tried this but it doesn't work: @"//TestA:Lookup[TestA:LookupType='Composition']/LookupName" –  sumderungHAY Jun 21 '11 at 11:18
Well if the elements are in a namespace then in your XPath expression you need to use a prefix to qualify element names so try "//TestA:Lookup[TestA:LookupType='Composition']/TestA:LookupName. –  Martin Honnen Jun 21 '11 at 11:50

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