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in my application on iphone when i call

[facebook authorize:permissions delegate:self];

the framework show login dialog automatically if i'm not loggedin, and then show permission dialog (This is great for the frist time that a user use the application). But if i've aleady get permission i always show the dialog with message "You have aleady authorized this application".

So, how can i login without show permission dialog? Or can i check if i've aleady get permission to the application?
In the framework sample code the only way to login is by authorize method...

Thanks in advance.

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You could store the Access Token (make sure to request offline_access permission) locally on the device and next time the user uses your App check if the token's still active (make a call to /me/permissions or something like that ) - if it is still active you don't need to go back to Facebook to reauthenticate- if it isn't, the current Login code you're using should still be fine.

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