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I want to send mail with PHP like this:


the dns config is :

$ttl 86400
domain.com. IN  SOA domain.com. postmaster.domain.com. (
            86400 )
            IN      NS      ksxxxxxx.kimsufi.com.
            IN      MX      10 mx.online.net.
            IN      A
www     IN  A
dev     IN  A
domain.com. IN  MX  20 mx-cache.online.net

The mx is not local, but when I send mail(), the email arrive in local mailbox.

I used the ini_set("SMTP","mx.online.net" ); but always the same.

Any idea ?

EDIT : It's qmail server.

EDIT2 : I deleted the line domain.com:domain.com in the file /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains, and it seems to be ok.

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Have you checked the mail log on your system? –  AJ. Jun 21 '11 at 11:06
What smtp server are you using? Sendmail? Postfix? Qnail? –  Justin Dearing Jun 21 '11 at 11:09

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If you are using sendmail as the mail server on your local machine, then you need to configure your SMTP relay on your machine to forward all mail to your mx server, or some otherr external smtp server.

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This is nothing to do with PHP and not much to do with DNS. It's exclusivley about your MTA config - but you've provided no details about this.

when I send mail(), the email arrive in local mailbox


ini_set("SMTP","mx.online.net" );

If you're using an SMTP connection from your client then there is no such thing as a 'local mailbox'

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