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I have made a consensus tree (in newick format) and rebranched it using functions from the ape package.

Does anyone know if it is possible to add error bars to the skyline plot?

Cheers! Input:

[1] "(13.1,43.1,28.1,21.1,20.1,4.1,37.1,23.1,29.1,15.1,36.1,40.1,26.1,16.1,33.1,10.1,18.1,6.1,11.1,34.1,2.1,38.1,35.1,8.1,42.1,22.1,5.1,27.1,39.1,17.1,30.1,31.1,41.1,7.1,25.1,3.1,12.1,14.1,1.1,24.1,9.1,32.1,19.1);"

Branched tree and final input:

> write.tree(new_tree)
[1] "   (13.1:1.244090638,43.1:0.1755118382,28.1:4.442071925,21.1:4.866247957,20.1:3.863557777,4.1:0.08206463186,37.1:1.180065627,23.1:4.778251834,29.1:4.65377018,15.1:3.726316827,36.1:3.799621998,40.1:1.707243007,26.1:3.655532246,16.1:2.436848865,33.1:1.315581813,10.1:0.5973169219,18.1:2.561718575,6.1:1.409437305,11.1:4.000977813,34.1:2.769218051,2.1:1.143412833,38.1:2.636477078,35.1:3.435094416,8.1:0.3714309109,42.1:4.429772993,22.1:0.2805716533,5.1:2.991251546,27.1:3.269689628,39.1:1.192241808,17.1:1.866855259,30.1:1.363407132,31.1:3.150236446,41.1:4.079005712,7.1:2.695786237,25.1:2.867184281,3.1:3.351797838,12.1:1.958669939,14.1:3.119812493,1.1:4.864444738,24.1:1.734493783,9.1:3.283970281,32.1:3.055829309,19.1:0.8193949074);"

sk1 <- skyline(new_tree)   
sk2 <- skyline(new_tree, 0.0119) 
plot(sk1, show.years=TRUE, subst.rate=0.0023, present.year = 2011, col="red")
lines(sk2,  show.years=TRUE, subst.rate=0.0023, present.year = 2011)
legend(.15,500, c("classic", "generalized"), col="red",lty=1)
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Can you make your example reproducible? We don't have access to the ccc object. Also, specify which packages you're using. – Roman Luštrik Jun 21 '11 at 11:07
@Roman Luštrik - I have added the necessary information. – agatha Jun 21 '11 at 11:13

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You can use plotCI from package plotrix. Would be fun to append the plot.skyline tree to implement error bars...

Anyway, this is the code I used to produce the below picture. I used a different data set that comes with the ape package. You'll have to take care of the details.


new_tree <- compute.brlen(bird.orders, runif, min = 0, max = 5)
sk1 <- skyline(new_tree)   

subst.rate <- 0.0023
year <- 2011
m <- sk1$population.size
lm <- length(m)

plot(sk1, show.years=TRUE, subst.rate = subst.rate, present.year = year, col="red")

plotCI(x = (-c(0, sk1$time))/subst.rate + year, y = c(m, m[lm]),
        uiw = runif(length(sk1$time)+1, min = 1, max = 30), # some random deviation
        #liw = runif(length(sk1$time)+1, min = 1, max = 30), # this one can be missing, see ?plotCI
        add = TRUE, = NA

legend(.15,500, c("classic", "generalized"), col="red",lty=1)

enter image description here

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Perfect, this exactly what I was looking for! Greetings! – agatha Jun 21 '11 at 12:36
Whoops, my bad. The other package is plotrix, not Hmisc. I've corrected my answer. – Roman Luštrik Jun 21 '11 at 14:20
I figured :-). I used it with plotrix. – agatha Jun 21 '11 at 14:35

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