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I have a variable that stores a Unix path, for example:

typeset unixpath=/foo/bar/

And I have to convert it to a DOS path using KornShell (ksh) scripting:

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dospath=`echo $unixpath | sed 's/\//\\\\/g'`

Thanks to David Wolever for reminding me to use a $ to access the value of the variable!

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I'm no korn expert, but I think that needs a '$' somewhere... Anyway, that's exactly how I'd do it, if you hadn't posted first. – David Wolever Mar 13 '09 at 12:58
It depends whether eleven81 meant: echo /unix/path or echo $unixpath; either could be valid. – Jonathan Leffler Mar 13 '09 at 13:04

If you have ksh93:

ksh-M 93t 2008-11-04$ unixpath=/foo/bar/            
ksh-M 93t 2008-11-04$ print ${unixpath//\//\\\\\\\\}
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The AT&T ksh93 for Windows allows you to tag variables for automatic conversion with 'typeset -H':

$ typeset -H home=$HOME && print $home=$HOME C:\users\Henk=/home/Henk

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I would have added as a comment to eleven81's answer, but I don't have the points

to make it slightly more readable, how about using an alternative sed delimiter


dospath=`echo $unixpath | sed 's./.\\\\.g'`
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