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I want to fill an selectonemenu from my data base , but always the list is empty this is my code:

public ArrayList<String> FindListKpi(Integer userid)
  ArrayList<String> usrpr=new ArrayList<String>();

        EntityTransaction entr=em.getTransaction();

        javax.persistence.Query multipleSelect= em.createQuery("select k.kpiName FROM ProfilUser p, Kpi k, AssociationKpiProfil a WHERE p= a.profilUser and a.kpi=k and  p.profilUserId= :w" );
   multipleSelect.setParameter("w", userid);
   /* to tranform list to an arraylist*/
   List usrpro =  new LinkedList();
   usrpro= multipleSelect.getResultList();
   usrpr = new ArrayList(usrpro);

  return usrpr;
      catch (Exception e )
      finally {

  return usrpr;


My function that fill selectbox:

public List<SelectItem> getMyListKPIs()  {
FindKpi fkpi =new FindKpi();

if (MyListKPI == null) {
MyListKPI = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();

for (String val : fkpi.FindListKpi(iduser)) {
MyListKPI.add(new SelectItem(val));
 return MyListKPI;

the result: listttttttttttttttttttttttt[]

I have tested my method "FindListKpi" and it works fine:

public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("list"+ kpilist.FindListKpi(1));

The result:

list [Number Of Closed issues, Number Of Opened issues]

So the problem in the method getMyListKPIs ,in fact the error is exactly at the proprity "iduser" ,this proprity I have passed it's value from another bean :

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hello I have resolved the problem the error was at the file faces-config ,my managed-proprity was wrong,in fact to hold the value of an attribute the configuration is:

iduser java.lang.Integer #{BeanTools.iduser}

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