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i have this regex code


it works but there is a problem you NEED http:// in the url for it to validate, and what i am making, the user will not want to add http:// to the url they want to just have example.com, if its possible i need it to work weather it has http:// or not
i don't know how to make my own regex, and ive searched but cannot find a one that does what i need, unless im just not looking in the right place. (Google :P)

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Don't bother with regex. Use parse_url function.

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You can just make it optional


The (?:) around the part you don't want to have is a non capturing group, the ? afterwards makes it optional.

I'm not sure what the + after the second slash is good for, it says at least one of the preceding character. That means it allows also stuff like http://////////.

I hope you are aware, that this regex is far from matching valid URLs.

For example it will match stuff like


or at least

          ^ after this position you can write what you want and it will match valid.

Here on Regexr you can see what your regex is matching.

See Purple Coder's answer for a probably better solution.

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I'm using this :

// Validate that the string contains at least a dot .

var filterWebsite =  /^([a-zA-Z0-9:_\.\-/])+\.([a-zA-Z0-9_\.\-/])+$/;
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