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Ok, in itunesconnect, it says Preview or download your daily and weekly sales information here.

but when I click in, I only can preview on the chart? How can I download?

if I want to count the total number of downloads for my app, I have to create my own excel and fill in the number everyday myself?


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1) Login to iTunes Connect https://itunesconnect.apple.com/WebObjects/iTunesConnect.woa/

2) Go to Sales and Trends

3) Click the Sales tab

4) Select the day with the pop-up, (or the week if you want a weekly report)

5) Click "Sales Report" on the right to download the report

6) Repeat as necessary

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Direct link (need login first): reportingitc2.apple.com/reports.html –  sabadow Apr 21 at 10:37

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