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EDIT: nevermind someone helped me. form_(name).recalc or form_(name).refresh: form_main.recalc

I have two forms: "main", "details". In the "main" form, I have a button that opens "details" in a dialog. The problem is that I have a checkbox in "details" and when in changes, I need to refresh "main". What command do that? Thank you

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Please post your answer as an answer – ak112358 Jun 21 '11 at 17:05

I'm going to provide a different answer than the one you discovered for yourself:

Open the detail form with the acDialog switch, and then requery when it is closed. The event that opens the detail form would look like this (it would be in the main form):

  DoCmd.OpenForm "DetailForm", , , "ID=" & Me!ID, , acDialog 

What this does is pause the code with the detail form open. When you close the detail form, it will requery the main form.

This is the standard way of doing this kind of thing, seems to me.

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