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How to crop focused object from image? Can someone provide sources

For example: 1) I got picture 2) Then select some object at image with finger 3) Then I get result image with only selected object without foreground

I need something like http://www1.idc.ac.il/toky/CompPhoto-09/Projects/Stud_projects/IrenaAviad/Web/

(but as Visual studio project)

How to achieve this ?

Can someone provide me info or code example ?

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"only selected object without foreground"? What does that even mean? –  Kerrek SB Jun 21 '11 at 13:43
I mean following. For example you have picture with 3 cats sitting near house. I touch random point of this photo. If this point coordinate will be close to one of the cats - I should get new photo but with only one cat presented. I need to get only one cat picture without other cats and background objects (grass,trees etc) I want to get C++ example of how to make such photo processing –  Alex Jun 22 '11 at 8:26

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The algorithm from your link is discussed in the GrabCut paper. You are unlikely to find a read-to-go Visual Studio project for this (though the technique is used in recent versions of Microsoft Office.)

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