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I have two partial views which are exactly the same, but for the @model.

@model Project.Models.X

@model Project.Models.Y

How could I pass this model type to the view so that I can use the same view for both?

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You can create a ViewModel Z, which passed to View. If you want to pass model X or Y, just passed that to Z then pass model Z to View.

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Not sure if this is best practice, but you could also use HTML.RenderAction to call your controller and have it return a PartialViewResult with whatever model you want, like so:

  @{Html.RenderAction("MyPartialAction", "MyController", new { someID = 1 });}


 public PartialViewResult MyPartialAction(int? someID)
        return PartialView("MyPartial",SomeModel);
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Make both classes implement the same interface, and use the interface as your model.

As suggested by Tim: If possible you could also inherit from the same base class. Although this is not always possible, using the interface approach is mostly possible.

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...or base class. –  Tim Rogers Jun 21 '11 at 13:53

Mostly like gandil: Create a ViewModel Z but use Automapper to map from Y and X. That way you can keep your UI models clean and DRY.

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