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I would like to serialize some Scala case classes to Json. E.g my case class looks like:

case class Item (
    id: Int, name: String, price: BigDecimal, created: java.util.Date)

and I would like to serialize it to Json like this:

{"id":3, "name": "apple", "price": 8.00, "created": "123424434"}

so I need a custom serilization for BigDecimal and for Date. Where I want the data in milliseconds since 1 jan 1970.

When using Scala and Play Framework, I can return Json using Json(myObject), but how do I customize the serialization? Or is there any recommended Scala library?

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For advanced json play-scala recommends using external json libraries, like lift-json.

Also there are some related topics here, you may want to have a look at them. I believe this one Customizing JSON serialization in Play has the answer to your question.

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Thanks, I wrote custom serializers in Scala for Gson and it works fine. –  Jonas Jun 23 '11 at 17:42

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